The Foundation

Isola dei Cipressi - The Foundation

The Foundation, born in 2011 and legally recognized by the Region of Lombardia, has the main purpose of maintaining, protecting, preserving, promoting and valuing Cypress Island and Lake of Pusiano. Furthermore the Foundation cultivates, protects and enhances the nature, the environment and the history of Lake Pusiano, of significant places of the territory, Lombard families, promoting studies, research, and publishing historical books. It dedicates its resources to the preservation of the island of Cypress, its historical buildings, works and artifacts created for charities as well as technological and historical artifacts with an hystorical importance. It also promotes culture and art on the historical asset: the Island of the Cypresses.

In addition to make available the property of historical and cultural interest, bound as a National Monument, the work of the Foundation consist in the preparation, translation and printing of the book “Cypress Island and Lake Pusiano”.

It also carries cultural and theatrical activities in the Island, able to boast the annual visit of about 3.000 visitors despite the modest capacity of the only two small boats operating on Lake Pusiano. The Foundation cares of the maintenance of the ancient chapel of Our Lady of Pilastrèll in Desio. The future management of the Foundation will be further implemented with the aim of greater cultural usability of the Island of Cypresses. The book, as well as the posters, are a vehicle for the best achievement of these purposes.