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Its history hail from the Neolithic (10-15000 B.C.). On the eastern tip there were lake-dwellings. The historical events were tied to those of the Lake Pusiano and its illustrious owners and prestigious events.

L'Isola dei Cipressi

The Island

Islands always have a great charm. The water all around gives a feeling of protection to the people on the island and an adventure sense to those willing to reach it.

Cypress Island is small.
There is a little house and it is situated in a lake that we cannot define as a big one. Great, however, are both the history and the charm of this site; great were the characters that have owned it, the artists and writers who have admired it.

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The Foundation

The Foundation, born in 2011 and legally recognized by the Region of Lombardia, has the main aim of maintaining, protecting, preserving, promoting and valuing the artistical asset of Cypress Island and Lake of Pusiano.

Furthermore the Foundation cultivates, protects and enhances the nature, the environment and the history of Lake Pusiano, of significant places of the territory, Lombard families, promoting studies, research, and publishing historical books.

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Private events

Discover exciting stories, legends and mysteries of the Island and explore the animals living there (squirrels, turtles, kangaroos (wallabies), storks, crowned cranes, crane maid, peacocks etc...) and plants (more than 100!) in the botanical garden.

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The book: by Gerolamo Gavazzi

The book tells the extraordinary ancient and long history of Cypress Island: legends, mysteries and fairy tales, the powerful and famous people who owned it, the link and charm that has attracted poets, writers, painters and other artists over the centuries, and many other news and information.

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Libro Gerolamo Gavazzi - Isola dei Cipressi

The Cypress Island

The Cypress Island by images.
Photos by Niccolò Aiazzi.

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Isola dei Cipressi - Pusiano - Mappa

Cypress Island

Pusiano (CO - Italy)

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The Cipressi island is a small isle. A small house is built upon it and everything is surrounded by a “not so big” lake. The history of this island anyway is great; and great were the names that inhabitated it in the past; there has been great artists and writers that shared and admired its great charm.

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